How to Unlock and Jailbreak Your Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

How to Unlock and Jailbreak Your Disabled iPhone Without iTunes post thumbnail image

Do you have a disabled iPhone that still works? Unlocking your device will allow it to work with other carriers. Unlocking is also the process of jailbreaking, which means you can install apps that are not available on the iTunes App Store. Unlocking and jailbreaking your phone without iTunes is easy, but there are some risks involved. This blog post will show you how to unlock your iPhone or iPad without using Apple’s official toolkit!

The 3 way to unlock your disabled iPhone

The 3 way to unlock your disabled iPhone is with dr.fone – Unlock! This software can fix any problem that’s been keeping you from using it, no matter what kind of lock on there may be; whether its an error code like “iPhone frozen”, or if iTunes won’t connect at all because this program grabs the attention quickly and easily without needing anything else but internet access (which most people have these days). So don’t let those worries get into gear anymore when solutions are so close by just waiting for some simple steps in order set things right again. 

1. Launch dr.fone – Unlock on your system from the welcome screen, select “Unlock” to start process 

2 Connecting an iPhone using a USB/lightning cable will automatically recognize it and display information about what type of device you have connected in order for us provide correct configuration settings related only specific phones’ models (e..g., “this phone requires unlocked network” or something similar). 

3 After detecting that indeed they are able unlock their new toy with no hassle whatsoever!

How to Use Find My iPhone to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

The common belief is that you can only solve the iPhone locked problem by using iTunes. While you may always use iTunes to restore your phone, this isn’t the only option.

The Apple Find My iPhone tool is one of the most common ways to fix an iPhone that isn’t working with iTunes. It can be used to locate, lock, and reset your gadget remotely. If you’ve misplaced your phone, this is a fantastic way to secure it or erase its contents without difficulty. These directions will teach you how to unlock a disabled iPhone without using iTunes.

How to use Siri to unlock an iPhone with a disabled SIM (iOS 8.0–11)

One can also fix the iPhone screen turned off problem by using Siri, which may come as a surprise. Regardless of the operating system, however, it is still possible to resolve the iPhone screen disabled problem with Siri. It was originally thought of as an iOS security hole. 

Therefore, you’ll have to put in a lot of work if you want to repair an iPhone that has been disabled using this method. Though your gadget’s data will not be erased, you will be able to bypass the passcode after doing so.