Supercharge Your Mobile Storage: Unlimited Photos and Videos

Supercharge Your Mobile Storage: Unlimited Photos and Videos post thumbnail image

It’s no secret that mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, mobile devices are with us and in use for most of those hours. The average mobile user has about three apps installed on their phone, which is a lot more than many people would expect. And as mobile usage continues to grow, so does mobile storage needs.

In order to keep up with our mobile storage needs, we need mobile devices with high-capacity storage options. Thankfully, mobile device manufacturers are starting to catch on and are releasing phones with larger internal storage capacities. For example, the new iPhone XS Max comes with a whopping 512GB of internal storage. 

What is online storage? 

You may be wondering, but it’s actually really simple! Online Services offer a way for you to store your files and data on their servers so they’re always available whenever needed. These services come in all shapes & sizes–some allow users even more freedom than others depending upon how much control they want over what happens with their information while others don’t let anyone else get access at all which means these precious memories will never disappear because there were too many errors during transmission like overheating printers etc., not matter where we go or who sees them.

Online storage

The idea of online storage is a great one, but it can be difficult to find the right service. There are many different companies with varying amounts free and some even charge for their services! But don’t worry there’s always an option out there if you’re looking in where-ever your pictures go when they shouldn’t—just make sure that before signing up or downloading anything onto our device we read through this article first so as not get too excited about something only having 10GB available space instead 15 gigs like advertised 🙂 

iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos

The first option we have is Apple’s iCloud Photo Library. This service comes built into iOS devices and Mac computers, as long as you’re using the latest software update. iCloud Photo Library offers unlimited storage for photos and videos, but there are a few catches. 


You can get 15GB of free storage with this service! You’ll have access to three different Google products: Drive, Gmail and photos. The amount you’re given is limited however; it currently offers unlimited upload-quality pictures/videos but after January 1st 2020 these will change into lower quality ones that come at a price per month instead – find out more in our article about MSE news (link).


Box is a cloud storage service that offers 10 gigs of free space for every month you sign up to their plan. This sounds like an attractive option, but it’s important not just use this as any old Dropbox substitute! You’ll need the desktop app installed on your computer in order access files remotely when collaborating with others who also have Box accounts-and if not? Well then there are mobile apps available too so all Knife users can upload content directly onto their phones without having much trouble whatsoever (especially since most smartphones now come equipped).


OneDrive is a great way to store your files online without having them take up too much space on disc drives. The service offers 5GB of free storage, after which you’re charged at ATR prices depending upon what type or amount of file that particular person wants – so if it’s videos instead of music then expect higher rates! However there are some hefty limitations: while users can go as high 6TB total capacity (1 TB per user), this includes both personal copies and shared folder mounts; also note how whilst these offerings do come in thankfully cheaper than paid services like Dropbox they still aren’t cheap by any standards.

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